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Sicilian wedding dinner: be ready to                     eat A LOT of delicious stuff

In every country a wedding is considered one of the most important lifetime events, but obviously, it’s not celebrated in the same way everywhere. 

So, how does a traditional Sicilian wedding dinner look like and what dishes does it include? Let's see together!

Thom Yorke wedding in Sicily

Celebrity wedding in Sicily: leader of the Radiohead Thom Yorke married Italian actress Dajana Roncione

Dajana Roncione, a Sicilian actress born in Monreale, has been a long-term fan of the Radiohead and married it’s frontman Thom Yorke at the age of 36.


A real fairytale, isn’t it?

Зимняя свадьба на Сицилии

Winter wedding in Sicily: yes or no?


Many couples don’t even consider winter months for their wedding because of the cold weather, grey sky, frequent rains or even snow. But what should you do if a “Snow Queen Wedding” isn’t in your plans and you don’t want to postpone your event for warmer times at the same time? You should search for a compromise…


Here comes the time you look closer at Sicily!

Sicilian wedding traditions

now and then…

Getting to know your future husband just before the wedding? Sounds awkward, but that was the reality of many Sicilian girls in the past. Of course, these out-of-date customs are gone long time ago, but you know that here in Italy people are generally very respectful about their traditions in every aspect of life, and in particular, the ones that see marriage and family values. Let’s have a closer look at what has changed through the years and how a traditional Sicilian wedding looks now.

sicilian wedding traditions