Portfolio - photos of real weddings in Sicily

Have a look at our portfolio of real weddings and celebrations in Sicily and get inspiration for your own Event!

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Charming wedding proposal on one of the most beautiful Sicilian beaches!



Olga is from Ukraine and Salvo was born in Sicily. Their long romantic relationship concluded with an extraordinary wedding, mixing up two different cultures and traditions


Anna & Andy

Anna and Andy are from The United States, but they've decided to exchange their wedding vowes in Sicily because Anne's grandmother was born in Calatafimi, a small town in the West of Sicily.

Seaside Wedding in Sicily

Anastasia & Denis

Orthodox Wedding Ceremony in Palermo, followed by 

a romantic photoshoot in the old city of Palermo and Terrasini Seacoast and concluded with an intimate dinner with relatives and friends

Katia & Maxim

An intimate Symbolic Wedding for Two celebrated on a rooftop in the very heart of old Palermo 

свадебная церемония в палермо.jpg


Wedding for Two inspired by the ancient Greek Temples of Agrigento and spring almond blossom

Proposal in sicily.jpg


One of my most unusual weddings, starting with the colour of the wedding dress, and the wedding itself, that happened

20 years after the proposal!


An unexpected

Wedding Proposal while sailing in the Gulf of Palermo on a legendary retro yacht that navigated twice round the World!

romantic wedding sicily.jpg


Wedding Photoshoot

in Palermo