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Fiona & Donato

Wedding in winery Baglio Soria


Wedding in Baglio Soria means a full immersion in the atmosphere of a Sicilian winery! Fiona and Donato - a young couple from Belgium, but both with Italian roots - were searching for a venue where their guests could feel a relaxed atmosphere of authentic Sicilian countryside combined with all the modern comfort. This Firriato winery Baglio Soria turned out to be their best choice!


All the family members and the closest friends stayed in the venue, and could not only enjoy together the last warm days of September, but also actively participate in all the last preparations for the wedding. The evening before we spent wonderful time with mothers and grannies of the couple making packaging for small presents for guests and decorating them with olive branches collected in the garden.


This wonderful atmosphere continued in the morning during Fiona's preparations: her granny - that everyone cutely called Nonnina - was recalling some stories of her youth when she, a young girl who knew the art of sewing, left Italy for ever and set off to Belgium in search of a better life. After a couple of years she managed to open her own atelier and worked as a tailor for all her life! It was so emotional to see Nonnina fastening a long line of small buttons of Fiona's wedding dress. None of us could do it more professionally! Thanks to the photographer Gianmarco Vetrano for capturing all the most important moments of that wonderful wedding day!


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Photos by Gianmarco Vetrano

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