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Civil Wedding/Civil Union in Sicily

Sicilian Wedding Lab

A Civil Wedding is an official wedding celebration that will have legal value in your Country. It's possible to organize it in Italy even if you both are not italians. By the way, even same sex Civil Unions have been legalized in Italy since 2016!


Both Civil Weddings and Civil Unions are celebrated in a City Hall of any town, and the ceremony will be held by a local authority representative. Some municipalities offer interesting locations for such ceremonies like ancient palaces, medieval castles, gardens and even beaches! I will help you to chose the location that will best work for you, and will guide you through all the burocratic aspects.

This package includes:

  • Consultations regarding the location of the ceremony considering your requirements and budget;

  •  Reserving the date and time in City Hall;

  • Consultations regarding all the legal requirements and documents;

  • Interpreter for the ceremony (a civil wedding ceremony is conducted in Italian so you will need an official interpreter to assist you);

  • Witnesses for the ceremony (in case you won't have any guests at your wedding who can act as wintesses);

  • My personal assistance for all necessary appointments and coordination on the Wedding Day.

You can book other wedding services in addition to this package 

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