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My philosophy


I live in Sicily, I know well its territory, climate and local cuisine, and I focus only in organizing events in this region.


It’s very important for me to do up-to-date location scouting and keep under control every detail on each step of preparation. I also prefer meeting personally all the people who’re involved in designing your wedding.  I believe it’s the best way to organize an ideal event that you will remember…


I love travelling and I spend a lot of time visiting various places in Sicily: medieval castles and private villas, luxurious hotels and small cosy restaurants.  Some of them I visit for purpose, others for pleasure, but everywhere I go I look for places with particular atmosphere that can inspire me for future events. It can be a blooming garden or a rural villa with rose bougainvillea, or just a solitary terrace overlooking the sea…. I believe that the best location is the one where you don’t need any excessive decor and can use best of its natural beauty!


I also pay a lot of attention to ecological aspects of the wedding. I try to use as much as possible only natural decorations, local plants and flowers and, of course, genuine local food on 0 km.



I hope you choose Sicily for your destination wedding because, fortunately, it has so much to offer to make your Big Day memorable and timeless!

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