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About me

My name is Ksenia, I'm a founder and a creative director of Sicilian Wedding Lab, and now I’ll tell you how it all started…


I was born and grew up in Moscow, and my work of a journalist and a TV producer let me visit half of the world  before bringing me to Italy. I visited Sicily for the very first time in 2006 and I totally fell in love with this beautiful island (and one its guy!)  Since then I can’t stop exploring every little corner here, tasting local food and getting amazed by natural beauty of this island!


I live in the very heart of Palermo, in a place rich of art and history. I love my house full of light and sea breeze and I adore the old city I see every day outside my window: it gives me so much inspiration! Here I finally feel that I’m in the right place to do something that I really like…

Ksenia Molostvova_wedding planner in Sic
Свадьба на Сицилии_Ксения Молоствова.jpg

Why I enjoy being a wedding planner?

Organizing a wedding is a very delicate process that lets me getting to know different couples and their love stories, and then put together all my creativity with organizational skills to make their dream wedding come true!


I’m waiting for you in Sicily!

Sicilian Wedding Lab

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