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Natalya & Marco

A truly sicilian wedding!


It was a very sicilian wedding, filled with summer sea breeze, dance and music, good food and relaxed atmosphere. Natalya and Marco live in Milan, but they decided to celebrate their wedding in Agrigento, a sicilian town where Marco was born and where he still has a lot of relatives and childhood friends. The other part of guests came to Sicily from different parts of the world, despite the difficulties with anti-covid restrictions. Marco and Natalia stayed with  them in a quiet seaside hotel for a couple of days:  their wedding was a great opportunity to spend some time together and enjoy sicilian summer, sun and beach!

Natalya and Marco said their "yes" in a very beautiful Basilica dell'Immacolata in the centre of Agrigento, and then set off to the Valley of Temples on their small yellow Fiat 500 decorated with sunflowers. Bright flowers, sicilian maiolica and moro's heads were these little details that added particular sicilian atmosphere to the whole wedding! After a wedding photoshoot on sunset among the ancient Greek temples of the Valle dei Templi, Marco and Natalia arrived at the venue where they were welcomed by fireworks and loud friends' applause. The wedding dinner and the dancing party finished long after the midnight!

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Photos by Tatiana Costantino

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