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Frontman of the Radiohead Thom Yorke gets married in Sicily

Thom Yorke wedding in Sicily

Celebrity wedding in Sicily 


Another celebrity wedding in Sicily: leader of the Radiohead Thom Yorke married Dajana Roncione. Dajana, a Sicilian actress born in Monreale has been a long-term fan of the Radiohead and married it’s frontman Thom Yorke at the age of 36. A real fairytale, isn’t it?

The wedding took place in Bagheria, a small town near Palermo, on September 19th, 2020. The couple has chosen Villa Vanguarnera, one of the most beautiful and elegant Bagheria’s baroque villas.

Anti-COVID wedding

The wedding was celebrated amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. There were only 120 participants between families and close friends of the couple. Anti-covid measures included strict social distancing, facial masks for all guests and no dancing after the dinner


“Despite all the difficulties caused by the global pandemic, we are proud and happy to get married here in Sicily. Sicily is Dajana’s native island. She grew up in Monreale, walked to school in front of its beautiful cathedral every morning and still has many friends and relatives there,” Yorke reportedly said.

"Only 120 guests attended the wedding. Anti-covid measures included strict social distancing, facial masks for guests and no dancing."

Dajana Roncione's wedding morning
Detail of Dajana Roncione's wedding dres

Villa Valguarnera in Bagheria

Villa Valguarnera is one of the most exclusive villas for wedding in Sicily. It's been a private residence for a noble Sicilian family Valguarnera di Villafranca for more than 300 years, and now this family shares their hospitality with those who love art, beauty and want to have an insight into the history of Sicily. This Villa filled with genuine Sicilian atmosphere once inspired Giuseppe Tornatore and designers Dolce&Gabbana: they chose it for their perfume ad spot that also featured Sophia Loren.

Thom Yorke and Diana Roncione also couldn't resist it's charm: their wedding was celebrated at the Villa's garden by a Tuscan priest of Anglican faith Claudio Bocca.


Only a pair of wedding photos made public

Splendid Villa's baroque rooms became a perfect background for the couple's wedding photoshoot that was entrusted to a world famous photographer Greg Williams known for capturing intimate reportage moments of A-list people. Though, since the wedding he shared only a couple of black-and-white images from the special day, one of which shows the newlyweds laying together beneath a chandelier in one of the Villa’s living rooms, another of the bride running towards the singer as he looks away from the camera.

Yorke and Roncione got to know each other through common friends and shortly after she appeared in Yorke’s Netflix film “Anima”, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. The couple started dating in 2017, two years after the Radiohead’s leader separated from Rachel Owen, his wife for 23 years. Thom and Dajana are considered one of the most reserved couples in the entertainment world, now they live together in Oxford, UK.

Photo credits to Graig Williams and Thierry Joubert

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