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Sonja & Georg

Elopement wedding in Aci Castello


Elopement wedding was definitely the only format Sonja and Georg considered for their most important day! It had to be something really special, a unique experience, that they decided to share only with a couple of their closest friends. And it was! They organized a one-month trip from the North to the South of Italy, that should have been ending in Sicily with their civil wedding. The place of the ceremony had to be some picturesque spot overlooking the sea. We made a short-list of possible places and in the end the choice fell on a medieval Norman Castle of Aci Castello, that has a breathtaking location!

An ex-winery, now transformed into a luxury Zash Boutique Hotel, was the main venue where the couple and their friends stayed for the period of the wedding. A Michelin-star Chef Giuseppe Raciti prepared a wedding dinner of six surprise courses, based on local ingredients and flavors, which was served inside an ancient wine chamber! Nowadays this estate is focused more on cultivating juicy oranges and lemons, so the main villa is literally immersed into a perfumed citrus garden with an imponent Mount Etna on the background! Which other image could be more Siclian?!

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Photos by Anna Vlasiuk

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