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Valerie & Matt

Wedding in Tonnara di Scopello


   Tonnara di Scopello, one of the most beautiful and authentic wedding venues in Sicily, hosted this intimate wedding in the mid of December. Valerie and Mattew is a young American couple living currently in Germany, where they moved for work. Due to the pandemic restrictions, they couldn’t see their families for almost 2 years! When finally travels became possible again they decided to celebrate the wedding in a very intimate way, inviting only their parents.

   Valeria Pitarresi, a sicilian wedding photographer, captured the most interesting moments and sincere emotions of that beautiful day. Katia from Frascarti Fiori took care of the flower decor, and a private chef Caterina prepared a wonderful authentic sicilian wedding dinner.

   It was my last wedding in the 2021 season and was just perfect! I’m so glad that I got to know this lovely couple and their parents and it was my pleasure to organize this cozy family celebration, and see them finally all together reunited at the table!


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Photos by Valeria Pitarresi

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