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Destination Wedding in Sicily: scenarios and themes

Wedding in Valley of Temples

If you are planning a destination wedding in Sicily, you might be curious to know which scenarios can offer this part of Italy. Sicily is a lucky island because it can boast with warm sunny weather most time of the year, and its territory includes breathtaking beaches, mountains, volcanos and numerous historic sites.


You will fall in love with this island once you see its landscapes, taste local food and experience Sicilian hospitality!

Triumph of nature: country wedding in Sicily  

If you are looking for a beautiful place for your countryside wedding, Sicily is a real paradise for true nature-lovers! This island will surprise you with breathtaking Mediterranean views, beautiful mountains and endless valleys covered with vineyards and golden wheat fields. If you were dreaming of an outdoor wedding celebrated in a picturesque place, take a look at coastline hotels of Cefalu and Taormina, or choose an authentic agriturismo in the Madonie mountains or in the Valley of Noto, and you will get the best of truly Sicilian atmosphere.

Country wedding in Sicily
Свадьба на пляже на Сицилии

Waves, sand and sun: a waterfront wedding in Sicily

A waterfront wedding on a white sandy beach is a dream of many couples. There’re plenty of picturesque beaches in Sicily, but you have to plan it well. During the high tourist season in summer all local beaches are covered with people, but May or October will be the best months for a romantic beach wedding and a cosy party on sunset.

Like in Cinema: wedding inspired by films about Sicily

Of course, you remember The Godfather and that legendary scene from this film: on the day of Michael Corleone’s wedding the couple and the guests are heading up to a little church on the top of the hill? This episode was shot in a small Sicilian town Savoca, and the Church of San Nicolo is still there, so you can repeat the scene! By the way, the baroque villa that was used as a set for the same film - Castello degli Schiavi – also hosts weddings, and you can have both your symbolic wedding ceremony and a wedding party at this cinematographic venue!

Another cosy location for a film-inspired wedding is Tonnara di Scopello, that gained its popularity with the Hollywood film “Ocean’s Twelve”. A picturesque terrace and an ancient rustic house by the sea will make your Sicilian wedding unforgettable!


Among the vineyards: wedding in Sicilian winery

Sicilian vineyards and wineries will surely make your wedding particular! You will find the most beautiful ones on slopes of the Etna volcano, in the Madonie Mountains and along the hills of the Trapani province. Regardless of the place, your wedding party will have best local wines combined with genuine food and breathtaking landscapes. The most appropriate time for your Sicilian “wine wedding” is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn when temperatures become moderate and the grapes are full of juice and color, ready to be gathered! Just imagine your wedding photos among these bright Sicilian autumn colors!

Gone with the wind: windmill wedding in Sicily

Windmill weddings are possible not only in Holland, but also in Sicily! Western part of the island has one of the most unusual landscapes: in this place throughout centuries people produced sea salt! Endless artificial rose waters basins and ancient windmills are stretching along the seaside for kilometers from Trapani to Marsala. Some windmills have been transformed into restaurants and boutique hotels… and they can become a very original wedding venues! Just imagine your wedding party at a place where the sky is reflected in water like in a mirror and the Sun is falling down the horizon somewhere in Africa… Pure magic!

Wedding in windmill in Sicily

Medieval fairytale: wedding in a castle in Sicily

Make yourself feel like a prince and a princess organizing your wedding in a medieval castle in Sicily! There’re more than 200 castles on the island, and many of them are well-preserved. For instance, Castello di Solanto and Castello Lanza di Trabia are situated on rocks right next to the shore. Others, like Castello dei Ventimiglia in Castelbuono, take a dominant position over picturesque Sicilian countryside. After all, no matter where the castle is, it will surely add a fairytale atmosphere to your wedding!

Like a fire: wedding near volcano in Sicily

If your relationship is a mix of fire and passion, then a wedding on volcano is right for you!  Gentle slopes of the Mount Etna are full of chestnuts forests, vineyards and farmhouses where you can arrange your wedding celebration. Want more fire? Then you have to move to the Stromboli Island with its black sandy beaches, deep blue waters and natural firework of small eruptions that occur every 20 minutes!


Whatever place you finally choose, your destination wedding in Sicily will be an unforgettable experience for you and your guests!

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