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Wedding planner in Sicily

Planning your wedding in Sicily?

What I can do for you

Planning a wedding, or any other tailored event, is

a very delicate and complex process that always involves a big number of third-part services.


I will help you to make the most of your budget and will handle all the process of planning and coordinating of your event to assure it goes smooth and easy.

Let me take care about all the organizational issues, and make you just enjoy your Event​!

Have a look at my major services & wedding packages and contact me
for more info and prices

DWP_Prince Don Jaime & Princess Charlotte in Villa Tasca

Destination Wedding
in Sicily

Full immersion to discover Sicily

Civil Wedding in Sicily

Civil Wedding Ceremony
in Sicily

Official Wedding or Civil Union that will have leagal value in your country

Свадьба Кати и Максима _525.jpg

in Sicily

A micro wedding with your close relatives and friends or a ceremony just for two of you

wedding morning.jpg

Wedding Day Coordination

in Sicily and Italy

Essential package for independent couples

Beach proposal in Sicily.jpg

Proposal in Sicily

Propose in the most beautiful and romantic places of the island!

Wedding design in Sicily

Event Design and Styling

I will turn your vision of the event into reality, helping you to match colors, flowers and other important details


Bouquets and floristics 

Personalized bouquets for your special events and photo sessions in Sicily 

Elopement in Sicily

Photo and Video Shootings

Personalised  scenarios for your wedding or love story photo and video sessions in Sicily


Business Collaboration

Collaboration with foreign Event Agencies and Planners to organize big events in Sicily and Italy

Destination Wedding: why you should choose Sicily?

If you’ve decided to arrange a destination wedding outside the country where you live, you’re definitely looking for something particular and exciting. What about the biggest Mediterranean island, a land of ancient myths and legends?!  Sicily is all made of mystery!  Its landscapes are stunning, and some of them are one of a kind: just think about two active volcanos and fascinating minor islands scattered around the coastline. Whatever part of the island you choose, your wedding will be unique because the local insular culture is still well preserved from the mass tourism. Here you will find relaxed south-italian atmosphere, high level of service, excellent cuisine and exclusive wedding venues! No wonder so many celebrities and members of European aristocratic families choose Sicily for their luxury weddings and other important events!

Civil Wedding and Symbolic wedding ceremony: what's the difference in terms of planning? 

The main difference between these two types of wedding celebrations is quite obvious: symbolic wedding ceremony is just a celebration without any legal consequences. It can be arranged at any venue or location you choose, and the ceremony itself is not bound to any rules. Whereas, a civil wedding certificate issued by the Italian authorities after the official ceremony will have legal value in your country.

However, there’re some other fundamental differences in terms of planning your wedding. First of all, in case of a civil wedding in Italy, you have to consider about 6 months to prepare certain documents and the pre-wedding bureaucratic procedures (don’t worry, I will help you with that!). Then comes the venue choice… You won’t be able to invite an official celebrant to any venue you like, because a civil wedding is always celebrated in the City Hall or in other municipal properties that local authorities provide: it can be an elegant palace, a medieval castle, a garden or even a beach. The only important thing to know is that you can have your ceremony there, but not the wedding reception. So, basically, you will need a second venue for your wedding dinner and the party. It may sound too complicated at first glance, but don’t worry: I will guide you through all the document preparation process and advise you the most interesting venues in Sicily!

Planning your Destination Wedding in Sicily: how long does it take to organize everything?

I would say the wedding planning terms depend a lot on every individual couple and their personal feeling of how much time they need to make up their mind about their dream wedding, its concept and style. Elopement, like an engagement or a wedding proposal where’re only two of you are involved, takes from 1 to 6 months (in case of a civil wedding procedure), but when it comes to bigger events, times get longer. Starting about one year before the big day means having enough time tailor fit everything to match your wishlist without any stress! The rule is less time you have, more flexible you have to be about the choice of date and venue. Normally, the Italian couples start to plan their weddings with booking the venue about 1-1, 5 year before the event. Considering that the high wedding season in Sicily lasts from May till October, reaching its peak in August and September, you need to book the venue at least 9 months before if you choose some popular destination like Taormina. Fortunately enough, Sicily has so many hidden beautiful destinations and awesome venues, so you’ll surely find the one you’ll fall in love with!


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