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Wedding Locations & Venues in Sicily

Since Sicily offers a great variety of venues for your wedding to choose between palaces and castles, rustic farmhouses and seaside locations, I would like to suggest here some wedding themes for your inspiration! All these places, of course, will create different atmosphere at your event, but some things remain constant: high-quality local food and great wine! Here in Sicily it can’t be otherwise…

I dedicate a lot of time to updating my location database. Some places would work best for an intimate ceremony just for two, others will suit for an elegant wedding with big number of guests or might become a perfect background for your wedding photoshoot – just let me know the format of your event and what you would like to focus on, and I will choose the best location that will match your needs.



Your Wedding in Sicily starts with choosing the destination
and the venue that will work best for you.

So, let’s start planning your wedding…

Medieval Fairy Tale

There're more than 200 castles in Sicily. Many of them have survived through the centuries and now offer their  charm to the visitors


Rustic Chic

Sicily is famous for its rural landscapes and authentic farmhouses. Some of became now cosy butique hotels and countryside restaurants


In Vino Veritas

Here in Sicily the culture of wine has millennial roots. Celebrate your Wedding in homeland of unique sicilian wine


Sicilian Baroque

Baroque architecture is sumptuous and scenographic, so they are ancient sicilian palaces and villas, built  to impress their guests 


By the Sea

Tonnaras are former tuna fisheries, an important part of local traditions. You will find them in the most picturesque corners of the island! 


Mediterranean Winds

Western Sicily from Trapani to Marsala is a natural reserve with ancient salt basins and windmills that make this landscape just breathtaking!

Sicilian Wedding Lab

If you have any specific questions regarding the wedding venues in Sicily or still can't decide what location to choose, contact me and I'll help you to make up your mind!


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