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Proposal in Sicily

Sicilian Wedding Lab

What can be more romantic than a destination proposal, so why don’t you do it while travelling around Sicily? This island offers so many unique places and unusual ways to propose: hiking on the top of a mountain or climbing on a rooftop to get on one knee, propose on sunset aboard of a yacht or arrange a cozy picnic on the beach…


Just contact me and we will build up together the most memorable moment of your trip! I will take care about all organizational moments and you will only have to go there and ask her "Will you marry me?"

On the Beach


Charming wedding proposal on one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily! It was mid april, already not cold and yet isn't too hot, so I proposed to arrange a little cosy picnic with flower decor on the beach combined with a love-story photoshoot. When Anna, the photographer, was taking some Yana's portraits, Giuseppe appeared behind her with the ring and flowers!

On the Yacht


Alex wanted to make his proposal to Olga in a very special romantic atmosphere...and, of course, it should have been a total surprise! So, everything happend on board of a legendary retro yacht, that twice travelled all around the World!


Initially Olga thought it was just a romantic sail on sunset, but at some point Alex kneed and pulled out the ring! A bottle of champagne and flowers were already there! Of course she said "YES"!

On the Rooftop


This proposal was planned in the atmosphere of a total conspiracy! Sman is a really shy girl, and Ali knew that she wouldn't even agree to have a couple photoshoot while they were on holiday in Palermo. Though, Ali wanted her emotions to be captured on photos when he would be proposing. So, I prepared a bouquet of flowers that I hided in a paper bag, and we climbed at the rooftop of an old monastery together with my photographer.

When the couple appeared on the terrace, we were pretending tourists, so Sman didn't even notice the presence of the photographer until the very last moment when Ali pulled out the ring and proposed!

Sicilian Wedding Lab
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